Transfer Equivalencies

Transfer Equivalencies

When you transfer to another campus, your courses from other campuses will be evaluated to identify which degree requirements have been fulfilled. It is the student’s responsibility to have transcripts of previous work sent directly to Admission & Records by the institutions previously attended.

How can I tell which transfer courses will count towards a degree?
If you are transferring in courses from a non-UH system campus, you can get an idea how some courses may transfer to a UH campus by visiting the Transfer Credit Search database (courses to/from UH Hilo should be identified through their in-house transfer guidelines at

Note: Only courses that have already been transferred into the UH campus and evaluated are listed, so you may not find all the courses you’re looking for. When transferring courses from outside of the UH system, it is highly recommended that you have access to a catalog (and syllabi) to help Admissions evaluate your courses as exactly as possible.

How can I tell which courses are needed for a degree?
You can view program sheets for various degrees for each campus. These advising sheets list course requirements in addition to focus requirements and other information on completing a degree. View Program Sheets for each campus by clicking on a link below:

How can I tell which transfer courses will count for General Education requirements?
The GenEd requirements are listed in the various UH campus catalogs: