Getting Started Select Your Degree Path

Select Your Degree Path

Take some time to examine which jobs are prevalent in the marketplace where you want to live and work. Then, decide what career would best meet your goals. Finally, view the degrees available via distance in Maui to select your path. The following focus questions will help you:

What is your educational goal?

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Most people go to college with the aim of getting a degree and then hoping to find a fulfilling job but by starting with the end in mind, you have a more likely chance of success. A college degree can help you keep a job, earn a promotion, or change careers. You may also want to earn a degree for self-improvement and self-satisfaction.

Focus your thoughts and determine why you specifically want a college degree and then narrow your focus to your future plans. Will you remain in Maui County? Will you relocate to another state? The answers to these next questions will allow you to find the job market and career path to follow that best meets your needs and goals.

What jobs interest you?

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Where you live and work is a personal choice and affects the job market you will have available to you.

View the documents below to discover more about potential careers that will match UH Center Maui degree programs. Also, visit our career and employment section to learn about the job market in the area where you want to live and work.