Current Students Staying On Track Registration


You don’t want to wait until the registration date to plan your classes for next semester. A few weeks before registration opens, check your progress in STAR and see which classes would make the most sense for you to take next. Be sure to check pre-requisites! Use the course availability or the listing of Distance Learning courses web pages to see which courses will be offered once they are published (generally November for the spring semester and April for the fall semester.) You should also make an appointment with your counselor to get answers to any questions you may have and/or to double check your selections.

Be sure to know your way around the Academic Calendar(s), the Class Availability page(s), and My UH. Check the Registration Timetable for All Campuses page for specific registration dates, which are based on a student’s total credits earned and vary from campus to campus. Use the Pre-Registration Checklist to ensure that your online registration is with minimum errors and restrictions. Finally, you want to be familiar with the Add / Drop a Class procedure in case you need to update your schedule.

Also, take advantage of the tools and tutorials available in the New Student Registration and periodically visit the registration pages of UH Hilo, UH Manoa, UH Maui College, and UH West Oahu (or other campus) for updates to procedures and information.

If you are planning to take classes outside of your home campus, and you are receiving financial aid, make sure you follow the procedures for your home campus. For UHWO students, you must take a minimum of 6 credits with UHWO to meet your financial aid obligation. After that you may take courses from other campuses as long as the courses are applicable & transferable into your degree. You will need to complete the Concurrent Enrollment Form.

For UH Hilo, you are required to take a minimum of 3 credits with UHH before you can take other campus classes. The outside courses must be applicable & transferable into your degree. The proper form must be signed by the department chair.

UH Manoa students must take a minimum of 6 credits with UHM before taking outside classes. If you are a full-time student at Manoa (12 credits) you are not eligible for community college course financial aid. Any outside courses must be applicable & transferable to your degree. Your form must be signed by your academic advisor.