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Make Payments

Financial Aid

If you are looking to get help with paying for college the best place to start is with the completion of the FREE Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which is located online at You will need your federal tax returns (current year or prior year — you can go back online to make corrections.) To complete the application, setup a PIN number and enter the code(s) for your intended school. You will receive an email from the school’s Financial Aid Office acknowledging receipt of your application. You will also receive an estimated Award Offer of federal grants and loans.

In addition to federal grants and loans, you can also apply for scholarships offered by private donors and organizations. Your best chance for success is to research other ways to pay for college, including UH System Scholarships. Visit for details.

After being accepted to the university you can finalize your financial aid package by:

  • Checking for missing requirements
  • Reviewing your Academic Status for financial aid
  • Accepting your Award Offer
  • Completing the Loan Process (if you accept any loans)

The Financial Aid Office will disburse your funds after you’ve accepted/declined your awards and completed all necessary requirements no earlier than 10 days prior to the first day of classes. They will automatically pay any outstanding home campus tuition and student fees. If there are remaining funds after tuition and fees have been paid the student is sent a refund — either by mail or e-refund.

Once you have received your refund you will need to make payments to any other campuses from which you are taking classes. If you are not receiving financial aid, you will be responsible for directly paying the tuition and fees for all campuses from which you are taking classes.

The West Oahu financial aid office can be contacted via email at or via phone at (866)-299-8656. UH Hilo students should contact financial aid at for email or phone at (800) 897-4456. The UH Manoa office can be reached at (808) 956-7251 or via email at


The University of Hawaii publishes a schedule of tuition by campus and program. The schedules are provided for convenience and do not constitute an official declaration of University of Hawai‘i tuition information. For official tuition schedules please refer to the Executive Policy E6.201 PDF.


After you have registered for classes, you will need to purchase textbooks and other supplies for the course. If you are taking classes from multiple campuses you can visit each campus bookstore website or call 1-800-842-6657 (1-800-UH-BOOKS) to place an order for multiple campuses (requires credit card.)

However, ordering your textbooks on-line is easy!

  • Select the term (semester).
  • Pick your department(s).
  • Select the course and section number.
  • Select “New” or “Used” and click on “Add to Cart” for each book.
  • Click on “Shopping Cart” when you’re done and proceed to “Checkout”.

In addition to online ordering, bookstores may offer the following options: Textbook Rentals, Digital Textbooks, Textbook Buyback, and Online Buyback. See store website for specifics: