When To See An Advisor

You should see an advisor at least once a semester. Appointments with counselors will give you the opportunity to ask questions and check your progress. You want to discuss your course selections for next semester as well as your overall academic path. Remember that not all classes can be applied to your degree pathway so you want to select courses within the framework provided by your advisor. This will save you both time and money.

Who Is Your Advisor?

UH Hilo Academic Advising
For UH Hilo, your advisor is a faculty or staff member assigned to you to guide your explorations through the academic options available to you.

If you are NEW to UH Hilo, you will NOT be assigned a faculty advisor until three to four weeks into your first semester. If you are a continuing UH Hilo Student, you are assigned to an advisor in your major and should meet individually with your assigned advisor prior to registration.

Advisor Search allows you to find your assigned faculty advisor online and instructs you on how to see an advisor.

UH Manoa Academic Advising
UHM’s colleges and schools use different advising models. Once you are admitted to your college or school, you will become familiar with its model. In general, all students at UHM have two main advisors (sometimes the same person):

  1. A College/school advisor who explains and handles University policies and procedures. To find your college/school academic advisor, visit the contacts page.
  2. A Major advisor who will oversee your progress in your discipline.

As a UH Manoa Outreach or Distance Learning College of Education student, your initial advising will be done by the Outreach UH Manoa Outreach staff or College of Education representatives.

Kehau Newhouse, Maui Program Coordinator, and Eric Mizomi, Program Assistant, support students in the Interdisciplinary Studies bachelor program and in Outreach classes. Kehau is available in Laulima 219, via phone at 808-984-3597 or email at Eric is located in Laulima 218, or available via 808-984-3444 or email at

If you are a student in an education program, please contact Dr. Tom Benjamin, Student Academic Services Assistant Specialist in Laulima 217, phone 808-984-3526, or email at or Dr. Rachelle Reed, Assistant Professor, Department of Special Education, in Laulima 221 via email at

UH West Oahu Academic Advising
The University of Hawaii, West Oahu programs are supported by Stephanie Hedani, UH Center Instructional and Student Support staff, who can explain the requirements of the degrees available, as well as help to select courses once you have enrolled in a program. You may contact her via phone at 808-984-3565 or email at to leave a message.

UH Maui College Academic Advising
As a potential distance student or current UH Center student, you may be taking classes through UH Maui College, for which you will want to work with the UH Maui College counselors. At UHMC, counselors assist students in planning their program of study and in selecting courses. They provide important information about course placement, pre-requisites, course sequence, and registration and transfer information.

UHMC counselors are responsible for specific programs and areas of study. A listing of advisors and their primary function, in addition to contact information can be found on the UHMC website.