Current Students Job and Career Resources

Job and Career Resources

The investment of time and money to go to college deserves advance thought and research on your part. Do you know what kind of job suits you best and what the job market is like for that occupation?


Check out these potential careers & employment opportunities. Learn more about the education requirements for each career area. Let UH Center help you achieve your goal.

Looking for a Job? SECE Can Help!

The SECE on-line employment system allows students to search for jobs from any computer, any time of the day, seven days a week. Eligible students can obtain employer contact information through a referral process, streamlining the ability to apply and interview for available jobs.

Job Websites

Wondering what jobs are out there? Surf these sites to learn more.

Career Planning Resources

If you took a look at job postings but are still unsure about a career choice, here are online resources that can help you with career goal setting.

Job And Occupational Forecasts

It is hard to predict how our economy is going to perform and where the jobs are going to be, however, there are online resources that provide job and occupational forecasting information. This information may be helpful in your decision-making.

Careers with a Bright Outlook

Visit the page to view a listing of new and emerging jobs, including knowledge and skills criteria, salary information and resources for training and education. Modified from My Next Move: New job opportunities are likely in the future. Careers on this page will grow rapidly in the next few years, or are new and emerging careers.