Current Students Degrees Public Administration

Public Administration

Public administrators supervise, direct, coordinate, and implement government activities and policies in areas such as health, education, finance, labor, and justice. Managers make decisions and establish objectives for the department or establishment.

    • BA in Public Administration, Disaster Preparedness & Emergency Management Graduates of the program will be prepared with essential skills and knowledge for careers in disaster and emergency management. Those already employed in the field will develop skills for more effective job performance and career advancement. Contact an Advisor | More Info



    • BA in Public Administration, General Students are prepared for government service at local, state, and national levels. Ex: Management & Admin with Federal, State and County Governments or Healthcare. Contact an Advisor | More Info


    • BA in Public Administration, Health Care Administration Students are prepared for management and leadership roles in the growing health care field. Job examples include Department Heads, Administrators or Executive Assistants. Contact an Advisor | More Info


    • BA in Public Administration, Justice Administration Students receive the educational foundation to pursue career paths in justice-related fields. Ex: Law Enforcement, Correctional Management, or Homeland Security. Contact an Advisor | More Info

  • Certificate in Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management These courses meet the national standards established by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Emergency Management Agency Higher Education project. This certificate can be earned as a self-standing credential. Contact an Advisor | More Info