Current Students Degrees


Looking for a degree program that fits your needs? UH Center offers bachelor’s, post-baccalaureate, and graduate degrees as well as certificates.

View a PDF listing of all available degrees.

Bachelor’s Degrees

After answering the Focus Questions, look for a match between the degree you want and our program offerings below. You can transfer courses taken at other colleges or start fresh at UH Maui College and UH’s distance learning course offerings before transferring into a bachelor’s program. The lower division courses and prerequisites differ by program so consult with an advisor as soon as possible to plan your pathway.

Graduate Programs

After finishing a bachelor’s degree, opportunities await if you want to further your education with graduate school. Checkout the listings below (note the application deadlines) and click on the More Info link for information on the program. Contact an advisor several months before the deadline since admissions requirements like GMAT or GRE testing, work experience criteria, letters of reference, and GPA minimums often apply.

Business and Hospitality

Business Administration, Human Resources, Etc.


Early Childhood, Teaching, Music, Etc.

Human Services

Political Science, Social Sciences, Etc.

Information and Computer Science

Computer, Library Science, & Telecommunication


Interdisciplinary Studies

Medical and Healthcare

Kinesiology, Nursing, Etc.

Public Administration

Disaster Preparedness, Justice Administration, Etc.


Agricultural Sciences, Etc.